Bad Faith Disability Insurance

Experienced Disability Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys

Many types of insurance result in litigation on the grounds of bad faith, including disability insurance and bad faith denial of life insurance benefits. Bad faith insurance attorney John V. Tucker represents clients in claims against insurance companies who fail to abide by the terms of their policies and improperly delay or deny payment of legitimate disability claims.

Bad faith law does not apply to every disability insurance claim. For instance, state bad faith laws do not apply to group disability insurance through most employer-sponsored plans. Meaning, if you have your disability coverage through work, in most cases you do not get the benefit of bad faith law.

How do I know if my disability insurance company committed bad faith? Most people never know when their disability insurance company engages in acts of bad faith. That is one reason why you need the expertise of John V. Tucker and his team of experienced bad faith insurance attorneys.

Disability insurance companies commit bad faith in many different ways, including:

  • Failure to promptly or properly investigate a claim;
  • Unreasonable delay in payment of insurance benefits due;
  • Distorting policy language to deny or terminate benefits;
  • Cherry-picking facts from medical reports that help the insurance company while ignoring key facts that prove you are disabled.

A disability insurance policy is regarded as a contract between you and your disability insurance company. For years, you paid premiums on a disability insurance policy that was supposed to provide you with income in the event that you are not be able to work due to an illness or injury. Now, you expect the disability insurance company to hold up to their end of the contract. When the disability insurance company attempts to dodge its obligation to investigate your claim or to pay you, that when you need the bad faith law expertise of John V. Tucker and his team of skilled bad faith insurance lawyers.

We know how to handle the disability insurance companies. Our team of bad faith insurance attorneys will review your insurance claim and develop a personalized strategy to help you get the compensation you deserve. We are ready to help you now. Contact us online or call 888-975-1596.